Script Report: BAD DOLPHIN

It might interest you to know that one of the ways in which I make my living is as a freelance script reader. So naturally I was curious when my mate Kev posted on Facebook that, completely out of the blue, someone had sent him a 75 page feature script for a film called BAD DOLPHIN.

baddolphinSeriously, this is how it went down.

Obviously this guy really wants Entourage star Kevin Connolly to read his script but, since the chances of that are almost zero,


I thought the least I could do is prepare a script report for him…

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A Great LEAP Forward!

Time now for some more comic book related banter, as we review issue zero of LEAP!

This is Leap. It is a comic book.
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5 Irish guys you never heard of who changed modern warfare forever

If you wanted to use a a broad generalization to annoy a military historian, and frankly who wouldn’t, you might casually mention that the way wars are fought changed radically in the 20th Century, the likes of which hadn’t been seen since the invention of the pointy stick.

However if you were to stare that smug sucker down and go on to mention that at least five massive, game-changers in 20th Century warfare all came from dudes you’d never even heard of, from a tiny, neutral, country with the same population as Seattle…

Well… fuck me.

5 Superheroes who tried (and failed) to solve the Troubles in Northern Ireland

5 Superheroes who tried (and failed) to solve the Troubles in Northern Ireland

It’s been a tense year in Northern Ireland. Flag protests and dissident attacks have all made the international news and the traditional rioting marching season has been one of the most violent for years.

Surely it would take some kind of superhero to sort this mess out! Well, believe it our not, it’s been tried…

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