So far it’s just a couple of reviews and crappy list articles, but who knows!

You can follow me on Twitter: @pjhart86, if you are so moved.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey mate, I just finished reading a few of your articles, the most recent being the superheroes who tried and failed to sort out our fair country’s problems. I had to apologise to my boss for laughing my arse off out loud, embarrassing myself in front of my fellow sombre and stone dead silent coworkers in the office. So cheers for that, arsehole.

    You are a funny, funny bastard, and the actual reason I’m contacting you is to tell you about Cracked.com. I dunno if you’re already aware of the site or its working. But basically you write list-based articles like the ones you’ve done on your blog, and you actually get paid for it!

    I hope this doesn’t come across as some kind of dodgy “Enlarge Your Penis for Only $200” scam comment, but I genuinely think if you had a look around the Comedy Workshop on Cracked.com forums and checked out how it all works, you could be publishing articles and getting them read by (literally) millions of people within a few months.

    I haven’t written much myself, only two published articles because I have two kids under 2 and the little fuckers take up all my time, but if you’re childless, you’ll have much more time to write and make money off of your writing.

    Maybe you’re a veteran with the site under a different name, in that case, ignore this completely. But if not go to the site, read some articles, and if you like them, go here: http://www.cracked.com/write-for-cracked/ and at least have a look around, see if it tickles your fancy.

    Anyway, don’t stop writing, you’ve got a great talent.



    • Hey thanks for the kind words. I actually pitched both these articles to Cracked but they passed. Their development process is tough and lengthy and competion is fierce. I’ve had a couple of things come close but nothing over the line. It means a lot that you think my work is worthy of Cracked!

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