A Great LEAP Forward!

Time now for some more comic book related banter, as we review issue zero of LEAP!

This is Leap. It is a comic book.
Continue Reading to find out if you should buy it or not.


Ever since Uproar Comics flooded the Maiden City with undead ghouls in Zombies Hi! I’ve been waiting with baited breath for these guys to sink their teeth in to something more substantial.

Insert zombie joke here.

 That day has finally come, with the arrival of Leap #0 – a hard sci-fi space exploration epic that is about as far removed from Zombies Hi! as Star Trek: Deep Space 9 is from Evil Dead II.

 The first thing I noticed about the digital review copy of Leap is how great it looks. The classic sci-fi style cover will certainly attract fans of the genre and wont look out of place on the shelf beside the big name titles.

Marvel covers aren’t what they used to be, mind you.

 As noted in the note from the editor, this book is very much an homage to the sci-fi shows that used to play in the tea time slot on BBC2 back in the late 90s, when Star Trek, Sliders and The Outer Limits ruled the roost.

 Fans of this era will be right at home from the first page, as we are introduced to the captain – or Prime – of the spaceship Vanguard waking from hyper-sleep as her exploration ship has finally stumbled across a habitable world for her to explore.

 It’s a tried and tested opening, but before long the action moves to the planet below, where once again the artists have excelled themselves.

 The robots and other human technologies have a retro vibe, while the creature design is imaginative and well realised – dynamic action panel’s keep the story galloping along and before we know it the inevitable misunderstanding and confrontation between humans and aliens is well under way.

Did you eat my lunch, Fincher? Be honest.

 The dialog can be a little clunky at times, but the hints at the overarching plot raise just enough questions about the ship’s mission in deep space and the eponymous Leap Foundation which sent them there to pique the interest of any old-school sci-fi fan.

 We also don’t know exactly how many humans are still in hyper-sleep aboard Vanguard, which leaves the creative team a lot of room to manoeuvre when it comes to future stories.

Leap may lack the wacky design and post-modern family drama of Saga and you wont find the character humour of Firefly or the grittiness of new BSG here, but for those of us who pine for the days when we wolfed down our fish fingers so we could rush in to the living room to catch an episode of Star Trek: Voyager, this is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Actually, I ordered a pizza – but since I can’t eat pizza, this will do.

  Head on over to Uproar Comics to pre-order the 48 page comic, or check out the trailer on Youtube!

 If you think I’m being rude by not mentioning the writer or artist(s) by name, I promise I’m not – this thing came with no specific credits! 


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